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   About us
Hangzhou HengFeng plastic products Co.,Ltd is a professinal plastic products company.
our company is located Hangzhou city--- the eastern of xiaoshan economic and technological development zone,It distances only five milometres from Hangzhou xiaoshan international airport , so it has a superior geographic position and convenient traffic.
Products Class
PET bottle(below 200ml)
PET bottle(200ml to 400ml)
PET bottle(above 400ml)
HDPE/CO-EX bottle(below 200ml)
HDPE/CO-EX bottle(200ml to 500ml)
HDPE/CO-EX bottle(above 500ml)
measuring glass


Company Address: YanJiang Xinjie Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, China
Sales Tel :0086-571-82856000 Fax :0086-571-82857668 E-mail: hzhfsl@163.com hzhfsy@163.com